My new t-shirt says, “Paris is always a good idea”.  I hope you agree and will join me for an art workshop in Paris July 12-20, 2016.

Please click on the link  for more information and to register.  Eiffel Tower-medium

I really enjoy talking with people at these events. They are not too formal so I’m always able to talk about different things, not necessarily art. I have to spent quite a bit of time dedicating to my art and sometimes I find myself having to sacrifice social time. Just recently at the last event we were discussing health and nutrition, and someone mentioned how they strongly believed in herbal and natural medicine. How quickly she dealt with common ailments, and it does sound a lot more natural and safe. You can click here for medicinal herbs if you are looking to take this into your own life, I ended up trying it and well, she wasn’t lying. It feels great to be in better control on your own health, and doing the right thing to deal with what’s affecting you directly.

Painting in Paris with Sharon Pitts | 2015 | Workshop