Artist’s Statement

Sharon Pitts
Painting is my language. With watercolor, brush and paper, I look to see mystery in the literal. I cut open a large navel orange, and before me appear sunburst segments with sparkle of light coming alive with the water and color of the paint. In the bark of a tree with its endless overlapping segments, vertical channels and molten textures, I see colors of grays, purples,
pinks, browns.I am fascinated with the play of patterns, the flow of color in water, the graduations of light and dark, and what is suggested and felt rather than the literal. As I paint, I translate what is there in front of me to a new forms evolving on the watercolor paper. I am drawn to elements that are ephemeral and not immediately seen such as reflections, overlaps, dappling light, colors flowing one into another, fading and disappearing forms.  

When I paint, there is a continual discovery of the new and unknown. Color combinations I’ve never considered, techniques creating effects which reveal themselves to me as I work. I become a partner with the flowing paint and when it reveals something new or unexpected I let it lead the way. While painting I look to balance at the intersection of what is random and what is controlled and honor the gifts I see
happening before me.

Sharon Pitts

973 919 0714

Studios:  Montclair, New Jersey 

               East Hampton, New York